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KEMRI Wellcome Trust Kilifi marked the International Epilepsy Day in February 2020 through a public outreach event. Health education materials were distributed to communities in an effort to raise awareness on epilepsy. Health care workers and community health volunteers were trained on epilepsy care and management. Stakeholders from various sectors addressed members of the public during the event organized by KEMRI and other partners. Health care workers also conducted screening and referral while patients who had defaulted treatment were reinitiated to care during event.


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KEMRI Wellcome Trust Kilifi runs a radio program called Jukwaa la Utafiti as part of its public engagement strategy, in partnership with Baraka FM (a local radio station). This platform provides a unique opportunity for researchers to interreact with the public on the entire Kenyan coastal strip to build an understanding of KEMRI’s research and, importantly, to stimulate dialogue about our research activities. In this feature, Patricia Kipkemoi, a PhD student at KEMRI was on the radio program where she discussed matters on identification of autism spectrum disorders, challenges faced by families and children with autism, community awareness, education and health services.

Please have a listen here.

Baraka FM
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