Fig. Participant's responses are captured in real-time using REDCap Mobile on Tablets.

Data collection


Using questionnaires and clinician evaluation, children and their families provide a wealth of medical, behavioral, and cognitive data. Assessments are delivered in the following local languages: English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa (in South Africa), and Kiswahili and Kigiryama (in Kenya). A summary of the assessment tools is found below and available for download here.

Genetic data

Blood samples are collected from all participants. These samples are sent to laboratories both in South Africa and in the USA for DNA extraction and analysis. Information from the DNA is then stored in the NIMH biobank (RUCDR in the USA) for analysis.


To download the above assessments, click here.

The research methods described here, are covered in fuller detail in the NeuroDev methods paper.

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