Support for Parents

There are several support organizations that offer support services to families and parents with children that have neurodevelopmental delays. In order to help you navigate the available support channels, which can provide some extra support for you and your child, we have put together a list of possible organizations you can contact.


The types of services that these organization generally provide, include:

  • Therapy/Counselling Services

  • Workshop and Training

  • Support Groups

  • Educational Resources


Take a closer look at the different services each organization offers:

Autism South Africa

  • Offers an ‘introduction-to-autism’ workshop across the country
  • Offers support to people with Autism throughout their lifespan ranging from pre-diagnosis to support within the workplace
  • Offers training for parents and families. This includes their Hands-on Autism Workshop, Parent Workshops as well as customised training.
  • Provides a directory of possible service providers, centres and schools across the country for children and adults with Autism
  • Provides information booklets (view information booklets)

Contact information: Tel: 011 484 9909 / Email:

Website information:

Facebook page:

Els for Autism | South Africa

Els for Autism | South Africa currently offers three different type of parent-led support programs, in order to try offer the type of support most in line with your needs:

  • A short-term parent coaching approach, guided by the RUBI Autism Network parent training workbooks which focuses on guiding the parent in applying techniques and tools to help manage the child’s challenging behaviours.
  • A longer-term parent-led intervention, which focuses on coaching parents on how to teach his/her child how to learn specific skills.
  • Open monthly group meetings, ‘Coffee Conversations’, with the aim of gaining support from other families in the autism community

Contact information: Tel: 011 484 7254/ Email:

Website information:

Western Cape Forum of Intellectual Disability

The WCFID provides broad-based training that contributes to learning, skills development and capacity building in rural and urban communities. They continuously offer courses that cover a range of topics. These courses are offered both online and in-person. Below is a list of examples of some topics they cover:

  • 'All About Me': life skills, sexuality education for learners and young adults with intellectual disability
  • Tax workshop: e-filing, PAYE and UIF
  • Mindfulness and caring for the carer
  • Toilet training for the child with intellectual disability
  • Community outreach: understanding intellectual disability
  • 'Thinking Ahead': understanding the sexual development and sexual health of children and young adults with severe to profound intellectual disability. A guide for parents and caregivers
In addition, the WCFID offers a broad range of manuals and visual resources to support the above training courses. These are available for purchase directly from WCFID.

Contact information: Tel: 021 510 4686 / Email:

Website information:

Autism Western Cape

All of Autism Western Cape’s services are free of charge; below is summary of what they can offer you:

  • Post-diagnosis psycho-educational support at state hospitals and clinics: based at Lentegeur Hospital, Red Cross Hospital, Somerset Hospital and Tygerberg Hospital every week.

  • Counselling and ongoing support services for individuals and families (including adults on the spectrum)

  • Training and workshops for parents/caregivers which include: Inclusion Practices, Autism, Behaviour Challenges, Alternative Teaching, and Communication Techniques.

  • Visual stimulation kits needed for communication skills. This includes an early learner kit, school readiness kit, as well as adult stimulation kits.

Contact information: Tel: 021 462 8232 / Email:
Website information:

Facebook page:


Are there free Helplines that I can call?

Yes, there are several helplines which you can call, free of charge. Click here to download a pamphlet of helplines you can contact.

Do I qualify for a social grant to care for my child?

The South African Government offers a grant, called the Care Dependency grant, to help parents take care of a child who has a severe disability and is in need of full-time and special care. The care dependency grant covers disabled children from birth until they turn 18.

A state medical officer must assess the child before the grant will be approved, therefore first talk about the options with your local healthcare provider about whether you qualify and how to apply.

Click here to view South African Government website

Are there ways to manage my child’s difficult behaviour?

We know that having a child with a neurodevelopmental disorder can be difficult at times. We would also like to recognize how amazingly unique, and special each and every child with is! It is important for all of us (parents, professionals, care providers, teachers, etc.) to acknowledge, recognize and build on the strengths and wonderful characteristics every child has. In order to help manage your child’s challenging behaviour a little better, and to provide some extra support, we have put together some strategies and ideas for you to take a look at and possibly implement. Click here to download a pamphlet of strategies to help you mange difficult behaviour.

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