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Fig. The USA, Kenya and South African NeuroDev team together at Aga Khan University May 15-16, 2023, Nairobi,Kenya

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NeuroDev is a study of the genetics of child development, with an emphasis on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), intellectual disability (ID), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The study is a collaboration between centres in South Africa, Kenya and the United States. Data collection began in August 2018, with aims to collect genetic and health information from over 5,000 people in approximately four years. As of June 2023, the South Africa team wrapped up data collection.

The target enrolment is:

  • 1,800 children with developmental differences, particularly intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, and ADHD, 

  • 1,800 children of the same age and ethnic background without developmental difference 

  • 2,000 Parents of the children with differences, including 500 trios (mother-father-child)

Interview with Charles Newton, PI for NeuroDev at KEMRI Wellcome Trust


Fig. Clinician administering the Molteno Development Scales to a participant at KEMRI Wellcome Trust in Kenya, Kilifi


The NeuroDev study is supported by the National Institute for Mental Healththe Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative, the National Institute of Child Health and development, the National Human Genome Research Institute, and the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. 

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